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 Какво е Bookstagram и кой стои зад него

Какво е Bookstagram и кой стои зад него

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Кой каза, че физическите книги вече не са мода? Джеймс Тревино не само има много от тях, но ги събира и превръща в произведения на изкуството.

Любовта му към книгите се изразява в няколко форми, които включват четене и споделяне на невероятни колоритни автопортрети, които отнемат часове, за да бъдат направени.

What is your favorite song at the moment? 📚 Just letting you know this pic has nothing to do with the question LMAO. Obviously. But I could make a stretch and say it represents music stardom… it’s just that my body can’t take any more stretches. My back is already killing me.😅 I just wanted to touch on the fact that today, in between episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, I kept listening to K-pop (kinda catching up since I haven’t done that in a while) – that might have included some embarrassing, totally involuntary dance moves on my way to the gym… and in the gym😆🙈. And yep, I have a few songs stuck in my head now (I will actually listen to them while answering comments haha). 📚 But how is your week going? How are you kicking life’s ass these days? 📑 📑 📑 #reading #read #nowreading #marvel #kpop #blackpink #honar #ironman #antman #poetryofig #książka #book #antmanandthewasp #avengers #stars #amoler #amoleer #hairstyles #ootd #menhairstyle #flatlays #büchersüchtig #instaart #newbook #readersofinstagram

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Джеймс Тревино е на 24 години от Румъния и прави нещо, което нарича Bookstagram – Общност в Instagram за хора, които очевидно обичат да четат.

Who is your favorite Lord of the Rings/Tolkien character? 📚 One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. 📚 If you have been here long enough you know about my obsession with everything Tolkien. The LOTR movies are my favorite movies of all time by far and I’ve watched them so many times I can literally quote them by heart (I did that with my brother when we watched Fellowship of the Ring recently for almost 20 minutes before he asked me to stop LMAO). 📚 I’ve read almost everything Tolkien wrote. I still have some of the History of Middle Earth series left and Unfinished Tales (which I just started today). My favorite Tolkien book is The Silmarillion (which I would place as my favorite book ever, tied with Harry Potter 6). As for favorite Tolkien character I will go with Feanor when we are talking the whole Tolkienverse and Arwen if we talk LOTR. OMG, I want someone to talk to about this universe nonstop! And can Amazon please hurry up with that series?!! I need something new to obsess over! 📚 Also, hope your weekend was great! 📑 📑 📑 #lordoftherings #lotr #bücher #tolkien #本 #読書 #booktography #thehobbit #hobbit #bookporn #jrrtolkien #bookstagram #booknerd #acreativevisual #megustaleer #aragorn #frodo #книжныйчервь #gandalf #middleearth #instalivre #hobbiton #sundayfunday #writerscommunity #artistsoninstagram

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Започва ангелска серия, на която е с крила, направени от книги, защото има странна мания към ангели и свръестествени същества.

За момента Джеймс Тревино има около 1200 книги, с които реализира визуалните си проекти.

What is your favorite Pirates of the Caribbean movie and/or character? 📚 Ok so, full disclosure, I am a bit obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean. And by a bit I mean a lot! I love those movies so much! They just make me want to jump from my bed and go travel the seven seas. Gosh, the pure joy… I can’t even explain. Just hearing the soundtrack brings a smile to my face. You know what I mean? 📚 Anyway, for the reasons above I think this is my favorite pic of anything I’ve ever posted. As arrogant as that might sound, I am so proud of how it turned out! Ahoy, mates! 📑 📑 📑 #whpjourney #book #readingisfun #piratesofthecaribbean #flatlaynation #bookaholic #bookphotography #yalit #sundayfunday #jacksparrow #readingisfundamental #pirate #pirates #onepiece #cosplay #tattoo #tattoos #books #ig_persia #lecture #backtattoo #seekthesimplicity #disney #artistsoninstagram #read #wordswithqueens #flatlay #leitura #lectura

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Част от колекцията – обикновено класически романи, принадлежи на бащата на Джеймс, но създателят на Bookstagram признава, че не си пада много по старите произведения.

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Младото момче споделя, че не се занимава да ги подрежда, освен ако няма конкретна идея за снимка.

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Обикновено, Джеймс Тревино вади книгите, поставя ги на пода, а негова приятелка прави няколко снимки, без той да присъства, за да разберат дали се вписват добре в дията им.

За да изберат най-добрия кадър с присъствието на Джеймс обаче, се налага да снимат над 100 ъпъти, като целият процес отнема от два до три часа на снимка.

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